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I am sometimes asked about Web Hosting companies.

I cannot give specific suggestions but there are things to consider when searching for a company to host your web site.

Be leary of a great Introductory Price. Make sure you know the costs once the introductory time has expired.

While I cannot cover all the issues, some common things to consider:

How much storage space?

Video or audio (music) will require more storage than a site mostly of text and a few photos.

How many E-mail Addresses?

Web hosting services may provide you a few e-mail addresses which would be: ________@yourWebsite.___

If you need dozens then you may have to upgrade their service.

One trick: most times you can set up a catch-all address. This will put all in-coming e-mails into one location no matter what is typed in front of the e-mail address @ symbol.


If you are accepting payments or vistors' personal information on your web site you should provide secured access (eg: PayPal) or set up your site with SSL.

Your website host can provide you with additional information.


Depending on the host site and package you select, you could be charged based on how much data comes and goes on your site. Or they may reduce the access speed to your visitors if you exceed your monthly allotment.

Look at their bandwidth options and ask them if you have questions.

Something Technical to Consider

Even if you don't understand the technical jargon I'm about to use, it may be important when selecting a web hosting company.

If you are going to have more than 8 pages on your site (that is an arbitrary number on my part, but a lot of pages) it helps web builders save time and, therefore, your money, if the web host will allow htaccess (pronounced H T Access) to allow Server Side Includes: SSI.

To that end the web host company should be running Apache 2.2 or greater.

You may not know what all that means but it is good to ask. This is not required on small sites. You don't need it on large sites but it helps the web builder and saves you money by saving the builder time.

Basically, if you have content repeated on each page: menu buttons, banners, etc… with SSI the person building the web site can create these once and it automatically puts these items on all or as many pages as you want. Otherwise, the person creating the site has to repeat this task each time. And if there's a change in the menu buttons or banners, all pages have to be changed… one at a time. Having SSI saves everyone time and your money. SSI offers other features as well.

If this option is not available that's ok. You can get your site started without this. You can move your site to another web hosting company later. That could involve some one-time fees from either the current and/or new web host. And you may have to pay your web designer if they do the move for you.

Steering people to your site

It starts with proper website design.

I put in the tags and other cues search engines seek. The rest is up to you.

Take advantage of social media: Go where your audience hangs out. Use other sites as a means of directing traffic to your own site.

There are probably sites specific to your audience where you can network and get interest in your site.

Be leary of companies asking you to pay for them to put your site higher on search engine pages. Make sure you read the fine print.

Privacy Policy

It's pretty much the law for all websites to contain some form of privacy policy to let visitors know what information may be collected on your site and how it might be used.

Some web hosting companies automatically collect data on your website and, if you don't read the fine print or ask, you may not even know it. You have to inform your visitors so you need to ask your hosting company if they collect data and how it is used.

If you have any forms or login fields, you're collecting data and need to inform your visitors.

I sometimes use iUbenda.com. They have free and professional versions. I am not affiliated with them otherwise. You may use any free or paid services you wish to generate your privacy statements.

Once you obtain your privacy statement I will put it on your site.

I am not a lawyer and not responsible for the legal aspects of your site.

If you decide to go against my recommendation of having a privacy statement on your site, that is your choice and your responsibility.

Start thinking about your website now!

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