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Are you in one of the following situations?

What I do:

I develop and repair websites for small businesses and non-profits.

As your business grows and can afford more, I can help there too.

Some sites start off fine but eventually get re-worked and end up difficult to manage and hard to navigate.

I clean up existing sites or do a complete rebuild.

I want to help small, independent businesses, individuals and non-profits who have a message to get out but can't afford large website developers.

Even some of the template sites are rather expensive.

You may have outgrown your current site, it may look outdated, or you have an idea for something new.

Maybe your site is not compatible with the latest smart phones or tablets, or not accessible to all of your potential audience.

I am the perfect fit for your website needs.

A Good Web Construction Company.

As with any construction project, you hope you find a reputable contractor who will build to current standards and code practicies.

I follow the standards set by the W3C [W3.org] group, which is the World Wide Web Consortium.

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Start thinking about your website now!

Get in touch with me about more of your website questions and ideas on my contact page or at this e-mail address: